The McKenzie Christian Fellowship

“McKenzie,” as many affectionately refer to the Fellowship, is a House Church that meets in a large farmhouse on the south-east side of Abbotsford, British Columbia. The warm atmosphere of the home provides an ideal and informal ambiance for meetings and other fellowship events. It is hosted by David and Brenda Webster, who extend welcoming hospitality to the stream of visitors who stop by. The attraction for some may be simply the pleasure of a chat over a good cup of tea.

Fred and Sheila Tomlinson also reside in the Fellowship House. Their early Christian background was with the Plymouth Brethren in the UK, however, in their early twenties, they were baptized in the Holy Spirit – an experience that radically transformed their lives. For the past forty-five years, Fred has taught the truths of, what many call, the “deeper life.” He preaches at McKenzie most Sunday mornings.

The theological foundation at McKenzie is centred on the the message of the New Covenant. A covenant whose distinctiveness was vividly implied in the words of Jesus when He announced: “… you know Him, for He dwells with you, and shall be in you” (John 14:17). The actual experience of Christ’s indwelling is the essential core-feature of an authentic Christian life. Without this, one is left with nothing, but mere religion.

The style of the meetings is deliberately spontaneous and unsophisticated, while including a strong desire to be led by the Holy Spirit. A piano accompanies the singing. No offerings are received during the meetings, however an offering box is available for those wishing to financially support the House and the couples serving there – none of whom receive a salary.

Fred & Sheila

Dave & Brenda

Meeting Times

Pete Boyle

Sunday: 10:30am and 6:30pm

Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 7pm

Preached messages:

Resolving The Impossible-Fred Tomlinson 11-12-2017 a.m.


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There’s Bread In Bethlehem-Fred Tomlinson 10-29-2017 a.m.

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The Prodigal-Andrew Tomlinson 10-15-2017 a.m.

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