About Us

Who are we?

Early in 1990 a small group of Christians began meeting in a large old farmhouse near the US border in Abbotsford. All were hungry for a deeper and richer knowledge of the Lord. As numbers increased a larger meeting room was added.photo-e1343085431197

The congregation now includes folk from many walks of life and a wide range of ages. Some, anxious participate in that which the Lord is doing among us, have relocated from distant places, including Ontario, Pennsylvania, Nevada—even the UK.

Fred and Sheila Tomlinson provide pastoral oversight at the Fellowship are formerly from the UK. Prior to immigrating to Canada, they spent many years involved with a network of similar churches in the UK and several other countries.

In our meetings, we endeavor to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in all that is done. Typically, we begin with open worship, which will provide opportunity for folk to participate in various ways—for example, in Photo1-260x210expressions of prayer, choosing hymns, choruses, as well as sharing testimonies and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Those preaching seek to exalt the person of the Lord Jesus by delivering the message of Full Salvation through the Cross and the power of the Holy Spirit.

We do not pass a collection plate in our meetings, however an offering box is located at the rear of the meeting room. Fred and Sheila do not receive a salary, but are supported via freewill offerings appropriately designated.