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Surely we should not be satisfied with anything less than the Christianity of the New Testament

Welcome to our website. 

For over three decades, the meetings have been the central feature of the Fellowship and the large House has provided a base for many activities including the huge number of visitors it has accommodated.


As the years have passed, most of the younger families, once a major part of the Fellowship community, have relocated, causing the demographic trend to shift toward a small, yet very faithful, older group. 


This past year, the virus lockdown has restricted folk from gathering, also the US border closure has kept away our American brethren. Added to this, Fred and Sheila have increasingly sensed their domestic role in the House has been drawing to an end. 


A somewhat more recent venture has been the construction of the Fellowship website, where we began uploading videoed messages. The response from far and wide quickly became a source of encouragement and blessing.


During the past year, the Lord began to expand this horizon. Greg Gordon, a brother who gathered with us in the Fellowship some years ago, began capturing our videos and posting them on his hugely significant website. Then more recently, Joanie Stahl, living in California, joined our Fellowship Zoom meetings. As well as her loving friendship, she brought her lengthy YouTube experience, which continues to be a valuable gift to us. She also has Fred speak on her YouTube Channel.


Then there’s Zoom! Our first experience with it was less than encouraging! So much so, we shelved thoughts of ever using it. However, in response to the Lord’s prompting, we re-started the project, and have seen it flourish and become, yet another source of much blessing. Our Sunday meeting begins at 10.30am (Pacific time) and lasts for about an hour and a half. Following the main session, a number of folk remain for the Breakout Rooms that follow. Pete and Sharon Boyle host the event. Our Internet presence draws new friends, plus some from long ago. Bob Jones, a dear brother from Exeter England, blesses us each week with his singing. All in all, it’s a precious and rich blessing.


We believe we have the Lord’s leading to continue this meeting—regardless of lifted lockdown restrictions. It is unthinkable that we should even consider bringing it to an end. Already, it is becoming known as—‘McKenzie Online!’


Each of these developments find us prayerfully considering the way forward for the McKenzie Christian Fellowship. Please be assured how greatly we value your prayerful and practical support.

Issues we consider to be important

The Christian life is not merely a lifestyle we are left to imitate--it is the actual life of Jesus-received and expressed through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, 

2 Corinthians  4:10

The Gospel, ministered in the power of the Holy Ghost, will always carry a razor sharp cutting edge that will penetrate deep into the epicentre of a man's heart and conscience.

Acts 2:37

To avoid offending the unconverted, many teachers filter the message of the Cross, But it is offensive only to those who are perishing--to those being saved it is the power of God.

1 Corinthians 1:18

The natural man will always shun the idea of living a life of constant obedience to God. But to the true child of God, it is the key to true freedom and a life of joyful purpose.

Deuteronomy 28:1


Video Messages

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'Turn to the Scriptures with Fred Tomlinson'

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Audio Messages

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Supporting the Ministry

This section has been created as a number of folk have expressed their desire to provide financial support for the ministry.


A PayPal account in the name of The Fraser Valley Christian Fellowship (known affectionately as McKenzie Fellowship) has been established to receive these gifts.      ==>Click below.

We are very grateful to each one choosing to share fellowship with us in this way.

If you have any questions please contact Peter Boyle by using the message box at the end of this page.