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Who is Fred Tomlinson?

The majority listening to me via the Internet know very little about me—so here is a micro introduction.


Sheila and I have been married for fifty seven years and have four children. Each of them are married with their own families. With the exception of one of our daughters and her family, who live in the UK, we make our home in British Columbia, Canada.


Both Sheila and I were raised attending Plymouth Brethren Assemblies. We were involved in those Assemblies until 1966. That year marked a huge pivot in our Christian pilgrimage. The Lord opened our hearts to the empowering ministry of the Holy Spirit. This not only awakened us spiritually, but resulted in changes affecting virtually every area of our lives.


Having spent four years in the leadership team of a large House Church in Liverpool England, we emigrated to Ontario Canada. This began a wonderful new chapter in our lives and in our ministry. A barn was made available for a meetings and the Lord gathered and awakened folk from many locations.


For me, this began years of preaching in many locations and several countries. Sheila’s faithful support, fervent prayers, sacrifices and devoted care of our children, all served in making it possible.


Having returned to spend two years back in the UK, in 1989, we returned to Canada; this time to British Columbia. For almost three decades, our base has been a large old farmhouse that we refer to as ‘the Fellowship house.’ It has been a hub of activity, with numerous folk visiting and others staying for various periods of time. The common draw has been a desire to more fully discover and experience, what Acts 18:26 refers to as, ‘the way of God more perfectly.’

Amid the Covid restrictions, the only occupants of this once bustling home are Sheila, me and our aging Golden Retriever—Sadie. However, as the result of several seemingly unrelated factors converging, we find ourselves plunged into the world of Internet communication. Together with a small group who faithfully support us in prayer—the reach of our ministry is  increasing beyond anything we could have imagined. Several platforms now carry the weekly teaching.


Currently, with the aid of Zoom, we are finding an increasing interest in our simple, but very precious Sunday gatherings. Only the Lord could have opened these remarkable opportunities, therefore, we have no plans to curtail anything after the restrictions are lifted.


Having spent our lives enjoying face-to-face fellowship with those around us, the anonymous feature of the Internet is definitely less satisfying and calls for some challenging adjustments. However, we are greatly encouraged by your ‘comments,’ emails and support.

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